NapulETH: The Premier Web3 Event in Southern Italy

Napul.ETH, Italy’s first Web3 Open Village dedicated to the Ethereum ecosystem and supported by the Ethereum Foundation, will take place from September 12 to 14.

Set within the Gothic-Baroque complex of “Santa Maria La Nova” in the heart of Naples. This historic site, with centuries of artistic and cultural history, will transform into a cutting-edge laboratory for blockchain technology.


We’re in Naples, a city full of young tech talent. The event’s mission is to fill the gap in blockchain awareness in central-southern Italy by turning this challenge into an opportunity. By creating an event to raise awareness, share knowledge, and promote blockchain technology, this event aims to be a real connection point between innovation and development for individuals and businesses.

The Web3 event will cover the most important narratives in the sector like: Account Abstraction, AI, DeFi, Liquidity Staking Derivatives, Layer 2, Legal Mica aspects,  Privacy, Real World Assets Tokenization and much more.

Key Highlights:

1. Education and Training

This event is built to fit all experience levels. Through a series of workshops, attendees will learn the basics of blockchain, including practical applications such as setting up and managing an EVM MetaMask wallet, also understanding its main features and security best practices.

2. Networking

The event serves as a platform for connecting developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts. These meetings foster collaboration, potentially leading to new partnerships, idea exchanges, and joint project initiations.

3. Innovation

Napul.ETH aims to stimulate innovation and the exploration of new ideas through workshops and a Startup Battle Pitch Competition, where Startups will pitch their ideas to a panel of Venture Capitalists (VC) who will judge the companies. The Startups will have the opportunities to win prices that will help them to develop their idea.

If you are a Startup that wants to pitch a Road-Map, please feel free to apply here. This activity can be particularly valuable for developers seeking to apply blockchain technology creatively and effectively.

4. Social and Economic Impact

A significant goal is to raise awareness of blockchain technology’s positive effects on social and economic issues, such as transaction transparency, data security, digital identity, and financial inclusion. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in interactive workshops, networking sessions, discussion panels, and presentations by industry experts. This is an excellent chance to delve into the world of blockchain, focusing on emerging.

This is an excellent chance to delve into the world of blockchain, focusing on emerging innovations and practical applications transforming various sectors of the economy and society. Key topics will include Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), real asset tokenization, regulation, and more.

Recap of 2023 Event

Last year’s event, SpaghettETH 2023, despite occurring during a Bear Market with declining crypto markets, attracted over 500 Web3 enthusiasts to Naples. Organized at the Foqus Foundation, the event provided an open and inclusive setting for students, professionals, and local residents to share their blockchain technology experiences and knowledge.

The conference was a significant success, demonstrating the Web3 community’s resilience and creating meaningful connections within the local community.

What’s New in 2024

Exciting Updates and Expanded Program. Building on the enthusiasm of SpaghettETH 2023, this year’s event promises an even richer and more engaging program. With tickets priced between €8 and €30, the organization NapulETH aims to inspire and engage a broad and diverse audience, including those curious about the industry.

Multiple Locations and Renowned Speakers. The event will feature multiple venues and side events throughout the city to accommodate more participants. Internationally renowned speakers, industry leaders, and visionary innovators will share their insights on current topics like DeFi, NFTs, the Metaverse, and the latest Web3 trends.

Networking and Community Building. Dedicated spaces for meetings, collaboration, ecc. At the event, we will see media partners from communities all over Italy, such as The Crypto Gateway, Hard Rock Crypto, Il Crypto Pub, How to Web3, Crypto Roma, and many more.


The NFT part will be curated by some extraordinary artists like Barbara Melcarne, Luigi Gallo, Caterina Marotta, Piero Turrino e Salvator Iodice.

In particular, at the event, there will be a fundraiser with Salvatore Iodice, the famous artist who has regenerated the Diego Armando Maradona murals. The money raised will be used to buy equipment for the theater and recording studio that Salvatore built for the community in Quartieri Spagnoli, helping children and young people to develop their artistic skills and pursue their passions.

Final Thoughts

The September Open Village represents a unique opportunity to explore blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies up close. Supported by Italian Web3 communities, the event aims to connect, educate, and inspire participants from around the world.

Napul.ETH is looking for passionate volunteers to join our team and help us organize our upcoming events!

As a volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to:

– Network with blockchain experts and tech enthusiasts;
– Gain valuable experience in event coordination;
– Contribute to the success of an impactful event;
– Be part of a vibrant and forward-thinking community.
You may sign up now to volunteer and be a crucial part of Napul.ETH here.

You may stay updated and connected through the event’s social platforms:

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