Ethereum Foundation’s Mailing List Leaked

Ethereum Foundation’s mailing list leaked. An official confirmed the incident in a post, urging community members to avoid clicking suspicious links.

The exploiter capitalized on a vulnerability in the Foundation’s email automation service to access the subscribers’ list.

Ethereum Foundation’s Email List Leaked

Tim Beiko confirmed the leak of the Ethereum Foundation’s mailing list. This is after hackers compromised SendPulse, an email automation service that the Foundation uses.

According to the report, the attacker then proceeded to contact subscribers, sending a phishing email to each address.

“It seems like the mailing list provider the EF uses for “” has been compromised. We are currently trying to reach @SendPulseComto resolve the issue,” wrote Beiko/

Beiko, who is one of the most prominent figures in the Ethereum Foundation, shared a sample of the emails the hackers shared with subscribers, citing “Ethereum Foundation’s Collaboration with Lido DAO.”

Sample Fake Email. Source: Tim Beiko

The emails were deemed fraudulent, having malicious links that could harm recipients if they interact with them. Meanwhile, the Ethereum Foundation is working with SendPulse to fix the problem and to secure email correspondence. For now, the mailing list remains locked.

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The report comes only hours after Blockchain security firm SlowMist called out The Open Network for being susceptible to phishing attacks on Telegram, a social engineering scam where attackers deceive people into revealing crucial information or installing malware.

Thor Abbasi, the co-founder of decentralized credit protocol Zivoe, told BeInCrypto about how platforms must adjust their monitoring and fraud detection systems.

“We should collaborate closely with regulatory bodies to combat illicit transactions. By doing so, we can ensure our compliance measures remain robust and adaptable to the evolving landscape of illicit crypto transactions,” he said.

With the grwoth of the crypto market, malicious actors are also improving their tactics. These incidents reiterate the importance of cybersecurity in protecting digital assets.

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