10n8 Little Dragon Closed Pre-Seed Fundraise in 72 Hours

10n8 Little Dragon, the new Gamified Accelerator on Bitcoin, announces the end of pre-seed fundraising that lasted 72 hours. Inspired by the auspicious Chinese Year of the Dragon and the evolution of Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC20.

Fundraising details

10n8 has completed pre-seed fundraising within 72 hours, outpacing all previous benchmarks. While a comprehensive list of backers remains confidential, 10n8 company wants to reveal officially some of the public backers who have joined the project. These backers include New Tribe Capital, 3M Capital, SeedThrift Ventures, Boxmining, Gains Associates, Green Arrow capital, and over 50 others KOLs & VCs. 

Introduction to BRCs and Dragon Pools

10n8 introduces the concept of BRC20 tokens. Dragon mini-game with staking pools, soon to evolve into Metaverse based on BTC asset class. The project’s mission is to bring financial knowledge to the masses through the gamification of Bitcoin and DeFi.

The platform accelerates APAC projects and introduces them into English markets through the Dragon Pool, a staking-based yield system in selected BRC20 projects. Dragon Pools feature various Guardians with gamified mechanisms.

The Red Envelope Hunter Game

As part of its commitment to engaging the community, 10n8 introduces the Red Envelope Hunter Game. Participants staking in Dragon Pools gain access to this BRC20 game, competing for rewards and the coveted Red Envelope containing BTC. This game includes an in-game microtransaction system, integrating other BRC20 tokens as native value transfers and reward mechanisms. The initial integrated tokens will be 10n8 and TSHX.

The Ordinals Protocol and On-chain Inscriptions

10n8 leverages the Ordinals protocol, introducing the new concept of Bitcoin Inscription. Enabled by SegWit (2017) and Taproot (2021) upgrades, this paradigm shift allows the engraving of content onto satoshis—the smallest units of Bitcoin. From digital collectibles to software, each satoshi can now serve a different purpose. While BRC20 tokens remain a complex arena, 10n8 aims to demystify and popularize this technology. 

10n8: A New Utility Token in the Bitcoin Ecosystem

10n8 is a utility token in the Bitcoin ecosystem. The project blends tradition with technology, aiming to transition its community into a fusion of the symbolic essence of the Chinese Dragon and the innovative potential of blockchain. 

About 10n8 Little Dragon

10n8 Little Dragon is a Gamified Accelerator on the Bitcoin network. Inspired by the Chinese Year of the Dragon, 10n8 integrates tradition with technology, accelerating Asian projects and introducing them into English markets through the Dragon Pool—a staking-based yield in selected BRC20 projects tokens. 10n8 is a utility token in the Bitcoin ecosystem, combining DeFi and Gaming.

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