Billionaire Bill Gates Makes Big AI Predictions for 2024

Billionaire investor and philanthropist Bill Gates has made some big predictions for artificial intelligence in 2024. The Microsoft co-founder believes that AI will supercharge innovation and shape the future. However, it is not all rose-tinted glasses. 

On December 19, Bill Gates posted a lengthy article on his personal blog. It concerned the year ahead with a primary focus on artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence in Bill Gates’ Prediction Spotlight 

The software entrepreneur shared his predictions on how AI will impact healthcare, education, work, and innovation.

Gates believes that AI will supercharge innovation, accelerating the rate of new discoveries.  He also said that artificial intelligence will transform education through individualized tutoring.

Comparing it to the early days of the Internet, he said, “We are just at the beginning of this transition right now.” He added:

“This is an exciting and confusing time, and if you haven’t figured out how to make the best use of AI yet, you are not alone.”

Moreover, properly designed AI could reduce or eliminate the gap between when rich countries get innovations and when poor countries do, he said. 

He predicts that in three years, African countries could see comparable AI adoption levels to what the US will see in 18-24 months. The Gates Foundation is examining how to best use AI innovations to improve lives in developing countries.

Global AI exploration and implementation. Source: Statista

The majority of his predictions involved medical applications of AI in developing countries. 

On the flip side, artificial intelligence may not be the world’s savior and has several notable drawbacks. 

On December 20, Inc reported that generative AI was still heavily dependent on tech giants. These include Microsoft, Meta, and Google, which faked its AI demo video

It concluded that big tech’s aggressive AI startup funding is serving the giants’ interests in controlling the future of AI and limiting competition. Microsoft is the financial powerhouse behind the popular chatbot ChatGPT

Earlier this month, crypto VC giant a16z predicted there would be more decentralization of AI in 2024, powered by crypto and blockchain. 

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Latest AI News 

Microsoft recently integrated the music creation app Suno into its Copilot AI. The integration now lets users turn text prompts into AI-generated tracks complete with lyrics, instruments, and vocals, reported AI researcher Rowan Cheung. 

According to a disturbing report in the Guardian on December 20, AI image generators have been trained on pictures of child sexual abuse.

The outlet cited a study by Stanford Internet Observatory. The study found more than 3,200 images of suspected child sexual abuse in the giant AI database LAION.

Meanwhile, recent reports found that AI could not be patent ‘inventor,’ according to a landmark UK Supreme Court ruling. 

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