CertiK Issue Warning to Crypto Investors with an iPhone 

Web3 security firm CertiK has issued a warning to investors with iPhones on the crypto exchange OKX after identifying a malicious vulnerability.

“We urge users of OKX wallets to update their iOS app to the latest version immediately,” the statement noted.

Certik Discovered Issue For Crypto Investors Earlier This Month

In a post on X (formerly Twitter) CertiK made the warning, after discovering an issue earlier this month. They urge all iPhone users holding an OKX wallet to update their app immediately.

“Earlier this month, we identified and reported a critical Remote Code Execution (RCE)  vulnerability in the OKX iOS App, leading to potential compromise of sensitive data and crypto assets,” the post stated.

However, CertiK have declared that crypto exchange OKX have been efficient in dealing with the matter.

“The OKX team responded swiftly and issued an updated version today,” the statement noted.

This comes after BeInCrypto reported that there was approximately $686 million lost in crypto hacks in the third quarter of 2023 alone. There was a reported 49 crypto hacks during the quarter.

Certik Has Made Several Warnings In Recent Times

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This comes after several warnings issued by CertiK in recent times.

On September 13, Certik issued a cautionary message on X (formerly Twitter), advising users to exercise caution and avoid falling for the hype surrounding Telegram bot tokens due to concerns about rug pull scams.

“Our analysis reveals that more than 40% of Telegram bot tokens may potentially be exit scams.”

Telegram trading bots connect to decentralized exchanges, perform trades by a set of rules, and usually charge a small fee. Certik highlights that since July 20, these tokens have witnessed an “astronomical surge” in popularity, with gains exceeding 1000%.

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