Warden Protocol Unveils Genesis Campaign Dashboard to Boost Community Engagement

Warden Protocol is ramping up its community engagement efforts with the launch of its Genesis Campaign Phase 2.

Building on the momentum from the ‘Buenavista’ incentivized testnet, the Warden Protocol core team is now focusing on a blend of offchain and onchain activities aimed at expanding its community. This phase introduces a gamified leaderboard designed to reward active participation with WARP tokens, fostering a vibrant and interactive user experience.

Understanding Warden Protocol

Warden Protocol is a cutting-edge modular Layer 1 blockchain that offers developers a robust platform to deploy omnichain AI-driven applications. By leveraging Proof of Intent, Warden Protocol facilitates advanced modular cryptography, enabling chain abstraction, interoperability, and secure, agentic applications. This setup allows developers to create decentralized applications that are accessible across multiple networks.

An exemplary application of Warden Protocol’s capabilities is SpaceWard. This OmniApp enables users to aggregate their blockchain assets and wallets, conducting intent-proofed agentic transactions on both EVM and Cosmos-SDK networks, showcasing the seamless integration and functionality that Warden Protocol supports.

The Genesis Campaign Leaderboard

At the heart of the Genesis Campaign is the Incentivized Testnet Leaderboard, offering a gamified onboarding experience that encourages users to explore the Warden Protocol ecosystem. Participants can earn points by creating profiles that link their social media accounts (Twitter, Telegram, Discord) with their onchain addresses. Points can be accumulated through various activities:

Offchain Quests:

Profile Creation: Users create a profile that integrates their social media and onchain addresses.

Social Engagement: Earn points by joining Warden Protocol’s Telegram and Discord channels, interacting with posts on Twitter, and using the @wardenprotocol tag.

Onchain Quests:

Network Interaction: Post-onboarding, users can earn points by engaging with the Warden Protocol Buenavista Testnet and the SpaceWard OmniApp. Increased interaction results in more points.

The WARP Token

WARP is the first alt token within the Warden Protocol ecosystem, serving as a liquid representation of Genesis Campaign Airdrop Points. Tradeable on platforms like Uniswap and MEXC, holding WARP tokens qualifies users for future WARD airdrops. WARP will also function as the utility token for YieldWard, the upcoming OmniApp on Warden Protocol, allowing users to lock liquidity and collect sustainable yields from various DeFi protocols. With a reduced supply of 4,675,000 tokens, WARP is now a scarce and valuable resource.

The WARD Token

WARD is the native utility token of the Warden Protocol ecosystem, facilitating governance, staking, protocol fees, and serving as a medium of payment for operators. The WARD token distribution employs a fair launch mechanism, ensuring equitable distribution and rapid stakeholder engagement. This method helps prevent market manipulation and promotes a balanced distribution of tokens.

Incentive Programs:

Ecosystem & Community Incentives: Designed to grow the ecosystem and support the protocol’s long-term goals.

Developer Incentives: Rewards developers for building and deploying applications on Warden. An Activity Mining Programme will also reward applications that achieve specific milestones.

R&D Programs: Warden Protocol will commission work from developer teams to enhance core functionalities and integrations, driving further innovation.

Getting started with the Incentivized Testnet

The second phase of the Genesis Campaign began on June 3, 2024, at 5 PM UTC and will continue until the Mainnet launch. Participants can join the Leaderboard page to complete onboarding quests and engage in daily offchain and onchain quests.

Steps to Join:

Visit the Leaderboard Page: Start your journey by heading to the leaderboard page.

Complete Onboarding Quests: Create your profile and link your social and onchain accounts.

Engage Daily: Participate in daily quests to earn points and climb the leaderboard.

Join the Warden Protocol Community

Stay connected and informed by joining the Warden Protocol community on various platforms:

Twitter: Follow Warden Protocol

Discord: Join the Discord community

Telegram: Join the Telegram group

Learn More About Warden Protocol:

Website | Documentation | Blog | GitHub

The Warden Protocol Genesis Campaign offers a unique chance to be deeply involved in a pioneering blockchain ecosystem. By taking part in the incentivized testnet and actively engaging with the community, participants can both drive and reap the rewards of Warden Protocol’s growth and success.

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