Meme Coins, Real World Assets, and AI Dominate the First Half of 2024

As the end of the first half of 2024 approaches, three narratives lead the profitability surge – meme coins, real-world assets (RWA), and artificial intelligence (AI). Meme coins have recorded the highest profitability, marking a pivotal shift in crypto dynamics and investor preferences.

As the year progresses, some investors might prefer to monitor these sectors closely to find further breakouts.

Meme Coins Record Over 1,800% Gains in the First Half of 2024

In the first half of 2024, meme coins exploded in profitability, achieving an average return rate of 1834.22%. New tokens like Brett (BRETT) and BOOK OF MEME (BOME) captured investors’ imaginations and wallets, with BRETT soaring an astounding 14,353.54% from its launch price.

“While it is of course not wise to be all in memes (or any sector) – memes are simply where the funds and volume are at, those that have faded them have missed out big,” MacroCRG said.

This trend highlights a market shift from conventional value investing toward speculative, trend-driven opportunities.

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RWA emerged as the second most profitable sector, registering a 213.49% return rate. Leading institutions, including BlackRock, have propelled this sector forward.

RWA’s performance was fueled by significant asset tokenizations and positive regulatory discussions. This trend bridges blockchain technology with tangible assets, merging digital finance with the physical world.

The AI sector also showed strong performance. With a 71.56% average return rate, it ranked third. Tokens such as Arkham (ARKM) and AIOZ Network (AIOZ) posted impressive gains, reflecting the growing integration of AI with blockchain technology.

Ranking of Crypto Sector Returns. Source: Wu Blockchain/Biteye

Despite the surge in these sectors, the once-dominant DeFi sector struggled, overshadowed by the returns of meme coins, RWA, and AI. Meanwhile, Bitcoin (BTC) is up by 45% year-to-date, and Ethereum (ETH) is up by 49.65% in the same time frame.

Despite the excitement around these profitable sectors, investors should tread cautiously. The volatile nature of meme coins, the regulatory uncertainties of RWAs, and the nascent stage of AI integration pose risks. However, the substantial gains seen also present unique opportunities for the bold.

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