Introducing Most – Icp X SUI Bridge Using Chain Fusion

Have you ever wished different blockchains could work together seamlessly? That’s exactly what ICP HUB Bulgaria and IIII.O Venture Labs have done by introducing the MOST Bridge. It’s a new project that connects the Sui and ICP blockchains, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

Why Does the MOST Bridge Matter

Right now, most blockchains operate like islands – they’re cut off from each other. This makes it hard to move assets between them or build apps that work across multiple chains. The MOST Bridge changes that by creating a direct link between Sui and ICP.

How Does It Work

The MOST Bridge uses a technology called Chain Fusion. Think of it like a universal translator for blockchains. It allows different blockchains to understand each other and share information directly. This means developers can now build apps that work seamlessly on both Sui and ICP, allowing them to benefit from the opportunities on both sides.

Initially, the MOST Bridge will operate as a two-way bridge, allowing tokens to be transferred to the ICP blockchain and vice versa. 

The Benefits

The MOST Bridge isn’t just a tech demo. It has real-world benefits:

More innovation: Developers can build more powerful apps that take advantage of the strengths of both Sui and ICP.

Easier to use: It’s now simpler to move assets between the two blockchains.

Increased collaboration: Projects on both Sui and ICP can work together more easily.

One of the key advantages of the MOST Bridge is its minimal backend infrastructure, as the core logic resides in smart contracts.

This decentralization reduces dependence on server providers and conserves infrastructure resources. 

By bringing additional liquidity to the ICP ecosystem, the MOST Bridge offers significant benefits for DeFi. The tokens can be utilized in borrowing and lending protocols on ICP, enhancing liquidity and fostering a more robust financial ecosystem.

What’s Next?

The MOST Bridge is just the beginning. ICP HUB Bulgaria is already looking at ways to connect even more blockchains in the future and further cement 2024 as the year of chain-fusion. 

When we’re talking about the MOST bridge, the next thing to follow will be the one-way bridge MVP tested with all the edge-cases incorporated, after this IIII.O Venture Labs in collaboration with ICP HUB Bulgaria will focus further on the implementation of MOST within ICP DEXs as well as other DeFi-based dApps within the ecosystem. 

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