DEX.Guru Introduces Chatbots to Revolutionize Token Research

DEX.Guru is thrilled to announce the integration of chatbots into the Guru Network interface, a game-changing feature designed to streamline and simplify the often time-consuming process of “Do Your Own Research” (DYOR) for users.

The launch of these chatbots aims to assist users with token research and trading activities, making the DYOR process more efficient and accessible. This initiative marks a significant step forward in enhancing user experience and engagement on the Guru Network.

Innovative Chatbots for Enhanced Research:

A year ago, DEX.Guru introduced a proof-of-concept (POC) for analytics chatbots based on OpenAI and Langchain integration. This POC was initially developed for their B2B block explorer product and received positive feedback for its ability to assist with complex research tasks.

Building on this success, they are now excited to announce the development of a new V2 version of these chatbots. This iteration leverages advanced GPT Models and Orchestration on the Guru Network, promising a rich feature set and the ability to handle multi-application context DYOR threads. This means users can conduct thorough research across multiple applications more efficiently than ever before.

Explore the New Chatbots:

Users can experience the new chatbots in action by visiting Guru Network Analytics. These chatbots are designed to provide insightful analytics and support, making it easier for users to make informed decisions in their trading and investment activities.

Key Benefits of the New Chatbots:

Streamlined Research: Chatbots significantly reduce the time and effort required for token research, providing quick and accurate information.

Enhanced User Experience: By integrating chatbots, DEX.Guru ensures that users have access to advanced research tools directly within the Guru Network interface.

Multi-Application Context: The ability to handle DYOR threads across multiple applications offers a comprehensive research experience, enabling users to gather and analyze data more effectively.

For a closer look at how these innovative chatbots work and to see them in action, visit Guru Network Analytics.

About Guru Network

The Guru Network is an innovative ecosystem of products and services focused on developing an AI compute multi-chain layer for blockchain-based projects and apps. Initially launched as a decentralized exchange (DEXGuru Trading Terminal), the Guru Network has evolved into an all-in-one platform that integrates real-world business processes with AI and blockchain technology. 

Their mission is to simplify AI-focused application development and deployment, enabling builders to create value with minimal coding requirements.

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