Telegram’s Crypto Game Hamster Kombat Sparks Debate Amid Iran’s Political Climate

In Iran, cab drivers, bikers, and pedestrians are glued to their smartphones, playing the “Hamster Kombat” game. Users access the tap-to-earn game via the messaging app Telegram, which remains popular in Iran despite governmental blocks.

This game has captivated a diverse audience, from builders and mechanics to university students.

Hamster Kombat: West’s Soft War Against Iran?

Hamster Kombat is an incremental or “clicker” game where users earn points through repetitive tasks. Amid economic uncertainties and revitalization promises by Presidential candidates, Iranians are increasingly drawn to such apps.

According to Amir Rashidi, director of digital rights and security at the Miaan Group, this trend signifies desperation.

“It’s about trying to hang on to anything you have a tiny hope that might some day turn to something valuable,” Rashidi said.

The game also features a token not yet listed on crypto exchanges. However, this fusion of gaming and crypto has caught the attention of Iranian authorities.

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Rear Adm. Habibollah Sayyari, deputy chief of Iran’s military, critiqued Hamster Kombat. He called it a part of the West’s “soft war” against Iran. He argued that the game distracts the public from more critical electoral issues, potentially influencing their political decisions.

State-run media have echoed these sentiments. The daily JameJam highlighted the game as a symbol of society’s shift towards seeking quick riches instead of fostering a culture of hard work and entrepreneurship.

Further complicating matters, the legalities surrounding such games are precarious. A report from BeInCrypto Russia revealed that players withdrawing coins from the game could face imprisonment for up to 15 days and hefty fines, underscoring the risks involved.

Amidst these tensions, Hamster Kombat announced that it has attracted 200 million players. This milestone precedes a planned token generation event set for July 2024, which will integrate these tokens into the game’s economy.

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The game’s trajectory resembles that of other crypto-powered games, like Notcoin, which has emerged as a significant player in the crypto market with a valuation of $1.45 billion. These games leverage the TON blockchain, which Telegram prefers for its Web3 integrations.

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