Crypto Enthusiasts Use This AI Tool to Profit From Bitcoin and the Ethereum ETF News

Due to the possible introduction of Ethereum ETFs, Ether’s price has surged dramatically and was around 3900 dollars when writing. Most traders saw this surge coming; however, only a few were able to utilize this opportunity.

An AI trading platform called AlgosOne actually anticipated this approval. The platform’s AI bot can study the market, predict trends, and make automated trades with an 80% success rate making it easier for traders to navigate the market in such periods! Especially when everything is done automatically by the AlgosOne Artificial intelligence.

Here you may learn more about the platform:

AlgosOne is backed up by the latest GPT4 AI technology mixed with deep neural networks. In this case, the GPT 4 AI technology helps AlgosOne study and analyze Ethereum’s history, the current market, and news related to ETH, which can impact the prices. After this, it creates a trade for you.

Keep reading to understand how you may benefit from the rising prices on Ethereum and what role AlgosOne plays in bringing you one step closer to your goal of becoming a successful crypto investor.! If you want to check out AlgosOne, you can try it with its two-week risk-free trial!

How To Use Algosone For Ethereum’s Price Rise

AlgosOne is a user-friendly tool that is very easy and simple to use. All you have to do is sign up and deposit a minimum amount of 300 dollars. After that, three important factors affect your trades.

Types of Trade

In AlgosOne, there are 3 types of Trades. Each trade provides a unique offering and benefit. Following are the three types of trade that AlgosOne provides and how they can affect your trade during an Ethereum surge.

Auto Approved Trades

These are the automatic trades where AlgosOne finds a winning trade and executes it by itself. You do not have to conduct any market research, create any strategy, or run an assessment of risks. AlgosOne does everything for you, which may help increase your chances of success during the Ethereum surge.

1-Click Approved Trades

In this type of trade, AlgosOne creates a trade and presents it to you with all the information, including stop loss, leverage, and trading amount. However, it is upon you to approve the trade by clicking on “Approve” within the given time.

Trading Bank Trades

The final type of trade is Trading Bank trades, which are just additional auto-approved trades that use your credit points. No tier limit is applied to them.

Trading Tiers

Now this brings us to our next fact “Trading Tiers”. Trading tiers are sort of subscriptions that are automatically assigned to users based on their deposited amount. The trading tier decides how many trades a user gets per day, the Total Profit percentage per year, the commission fee, and compensations.

Click here for the trading tier table with all the information for you.

Risk Setting

Once you access your user dashboard, the tool asks you to select a risk setting. The risk setting defines the type of trades AlgosOne should execute for you. For example, the bot will go for low-leverage trades like 1x to 5x if your risk settings are low. However, if your risk settings are high, the tool will go for high-leverage trades like 25x,50x, and 75x.

To check out AlgosOne yourself, you may try out its 14-day risk-free trial.

Introducing the New Savings Account

AlgosOne has recently also introduced the Savings Account feature, which has additional features and benefits. The savings accounts are backed by trading profits, which its bot will execute in different investment markets, particularly the crypto market.

The savings account will be unique because it will grow user’s capital by executing successful trades rather than simply lending out money, which is the traditional method banks use. Users will get a much higher yield and an annual profit in one of the most secure ways possible.

The savings account will not require any manual intervention, making it ideal for users who do not have enough market knowledge to trade even with the help of AI.

AlgosOne’s savings account will offer multiple duration plans in which the user’s assets will be locked for a particular period which can range from 12 months to 32 months. During this period, the profits earned will be automatically compounded so that users will gain maximum returns once their locked period comes to an end.

AlgosOne Token

AlgosOne will also launch its own native token, allowing users to own a piece of AlgosOne AI. The token serves as a utility token, giving its holders the ability to earn regular dividends supported by AlgosOne’s successful trades. The dividend amount will be fixed per share and given either monthly or quarterly.

Furthermore, holders of the token will be able to vote on AlgosOne’s key decisions, and they will also gain exposure to multiple other incentives, which will be revealed on different occasions.

The total number of tokens will be limited to 500 million. They will be allocated through different pre-sale events, 3 different public rounds, and also a private round. Initially, the token price will be low and will grow gradually during each selling stage. For example, the pre-sale token will be $0.00001, whereas in the next round, it might be $0.00004 or even more.

AlgosOne’s top-tier users will be given priority during the token sales, and this priority will gradually decrease depending on the other trading tiers. Initially, non-users of AlgosOne will

not be given priority, as the purpose of the token is to allow the existing users to take part in important decisions that will have a direct impact on their investments.

Final thoughts

AlgosOne offers a tool to automate trades, potentially maximizing your profits. Additionally, properly using risk settings will lower the official risk factor of these trades. We suggest starting with a low-risk setting and then increasing the risk setting for the bot to execute high-leverage trades.

To start your trading journey, you only have to deposit 300 dollars. But now you can get a 14-day free trial of AlgosOne to check the bot beforehand.

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