EigenLayer’s EigenDA Enhances Security to Combat Sybil and DDoS Attacks

EigenDA, a data availability (DA) solution built on Ethereum restaking protocol EigenLayer, has announced new security measures to combat Sybil and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

The platform implemented a whitelist that now uses IP addresses or Ethereum’s elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA) for authentication.

EigenDA’s Free Tier Meets Ethereum Rollup Needs

EigenDA’s current free tier offers a throughput of up to 768KB within 10 minutes. This is more than sufficient for the most active rollups on Ethereum today. For instance, Base, the popular Coinbase-backed rollup, uses fewer than two blobs every 10 minutes.

Moreover, the platform said its partners can request additional throughput that exceeds its free tier. Interested parties can register through its partner registration page to meet their data needs. Notably, EigenDA reports generating synthetic loads of 0.6 megabytes per second and achieving peak throughputs of up to 10 MB per second on the mainnet.

“EigenDA currently continuously generates synthetic load of 0.6 MB/sec and we have been running load tests on mainnet at peak throughput up to 10 MB/s. For comparison, Ethereum’s 4844 blob throughput is 0.032 MB/s and Celestia mainnet is ⅙ MB/s,” it stated.

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Ethereum Rollup Blob Needs. Source: X/EigenLayer

This flexibility supports various high-throughput applications that might require high-demand use cases. Meanwhile, EigenDA plans to introduce a permissionless payment system for blob throughput before the end of this year. With this system, platforms requiring high throughput could enjoy “reserved bandwidth at a fixed rate.”

This development follows the Eigen Foundation’s recent opening of claims for the second phase of its first season stakedrop. The Foundation stated that users of liquid restaking protocols like Kelp and Pendle can now claim their tokens before September 7.

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Notably, the Eigen tokens from the first season are currently claimable but not transferable. Transfers are expected to be enabled by September 2024.

EigenLayer allows users to deposit and “re-stake” ETH to secure third-party networks or actively validated services. According to DeFiLlama data, around $18.5 billion worth of Ethereum has been re-staked on the platform since its launch in June 2023.

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