Donald Trump’s Former Advisor Clears the Air: Trump Not Involved With DJT Meme Coin

Recently, the DJT meme coin, allegedly linked to Donald Trump and his son Barron Trump, has captured significant attention. Roger Stone, a former advisor during Trump’s presidential campaign, has addressed these rumors head-on via an X (formerly Twitter) post.

Roger Stone’s statement provides a crucial counterpoint to the ongoing allegations of the Trump family’s involvement. With substantial claims yet unverified, the crypto community remains cautiously observant.

Martin Shkreli Claims Donald Trump Liked the DJT Meme Coin

Stone said on X (Twitter) that Donald Trump and his son Barron are not involved in any way with the DJT meme coin. Despite this clarification, there has been no official statement from either Donald Trump or his 18-year-old son Barron.

Amid these developments, contrasting views have emerged from other notable figures. Former New York legislator Ben Geller has expressed concerns about the coin’s link to Barron, referring to it as a potential PR disaster.

“I believe from reputable sources that Barron was [involved], then backed away once things were absolutely destroyed by the developer. This was a PR disaster,” Geller said.

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Moreover, Martin Shkreli contradicts these clarifications by asserting that Barron had Donald Trump’s permission to initiate the meme coin project. Shkreli, known for his controversial background, revealed that the meme coin was developed on Barron’s computer.

“The attempt to evade and equivocate is just absurd. It doesn’t change the fact that there are 200 million bucks here. Nobody’s saying no to 200 million bucks in the Trump family,” Shkreli said.

Shkreli also insisted that he had no financial interest in the project, highlighting his advisory role. According to Shkreli, his involvement was primarily consultative, aimed at ensuring the success of the meme coin rather than securing immediate financial benefits.

Additionally, Shkreli shared insights into the operational aspects of the project, indicating that it was a collaborative endeavor. He also claimed that Barron Trump controls the private keys of the DJT meme coin.


“I don’t have a single private key of any initial wallet.

This is operating on a computer that was not in my home but somebody else’s.

Sometimes, commands would be run by the (other) person or by me.


— Mario Nawfal (@MarioNawfal) June 20, 2024

In their planning stages, Shkreli and Barron engaged with key figures in the crypto ecosystem, including crypto influencer Ansem.

“We spoke with Ansem about five or six times. Initially, we thought having 70% of the supply in Trump’s hands would make sense,” Shkreli claimed.

However, after further discussions, they revised their strategy, ultimately deciding to allocate 50% in liquidity pools. This decision was influenced by feedback that demonstrated their initial plan was impractical.

In a bold statement, Shkreli suggested that Donald Trump approved the DJT meme coin. He implied that the former President was informally supportive of the venture.

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“Barron told me his dad was in on it. His dad liked it,” Shkreli stated.

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