Unlocking Potential: Coincall Introduces CALL Token for Enhanced Crypto Derivatives Trading

Coincall, one of the leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, is thrilled to unveil its upcoming native token, “CALL” marking a significant milestone in their commitment to innovation and user empowerment. 

Elevating the Coincall Experience

CALL is not just a token; it’s a gateway to an enriched and rewarding trading journey. It aligns seamlessly with Coincall’s mission to offer cutting-edge solutions and empower users with unique advantages.

What is CALL?

CALL is the native token to be issued based on the ERC-20 standard protocol by Coincall. CALL will serve within the Coincall‘s ecosystem, incentivizing partners, contributors, early participants, and community members of the Coincall.

CALL Applications

Coincall will continue to update and expand the application scenarios and use cases of CALL to continuously incentivize ecosystem contributors, including users and partners. CALL holders will have the opportunity to enjoy the following benefits:

Trading Fee Discounts
Save 20% on transaction fees

VIP Benefits
Coincall’s VIP levels and special benefits will be linked to the amount of CALL held.

Broker Income Rebates
100% of the commission income from the Coincall broker business will be used to repurchase CALL and distributed to broker users.

Coincall DEX Genesis Members
We plan to launch Coincall’s DEX on the Ethereum network in 2025. At that time, CALL holders will become Coincall DEX Genesis Members, participating in the initial allocation of Coincall DEX tokens.

How to Get CALL?

Sign up/ Follow X/Join TG

Trading Rewards

Deposit Rewards

Participate in offline/online options training courses hosted by Coincall

Engage in more activities to earn CALL Credits

Rewards will be issued to users’ accounts in the form of CALL Credits. After the CALL token is listed, CALL Credits will be exchanged for CALL Tokens at a certain ratio.

More details about CALL

Trade Options and Futures to Share 250,000 CALL

Event 1: Coincall Credits will be awarded based on daily Options and Futures Trading volume during the event. A total of 1,700,000 credits will be shared 

Event 2: Trade Altcoin Options and Share 800,000 Credits

Event 3: USDT Trial Bonus Rewards

For more details about the campaign

Signup and get a 20% discount off your trading fees

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