How CSPR Price Will React as Casper Labs Teams Up With IBM

Casper Labs has joined forces with IBM Consulting to create solutions for businesses to manage and audit generative AI systems. 

This partnership, announced today, could profoundly impact the trajectory of Casper’s native token, CSPR.

Casper and IBM to Build AI Solutions

Casper Labs and IBM aim to enhance transparency and auditability in AI systems, leveraging blockchain technology. The new solution incorporates IBM’s watsonx.governance and targets enterprises eager to streamline their generative AI system’s training data across various organizational structures.

The essence of this collaboration lies in addressing the complexities of training, developing, and deploying generative AI models. Additionally, as AI models evolve through data integration and modifications by different organizations, tracking these changes becomes paramount. 

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Blockchain technology emerges as a crucial tool, providing a metadata-rich ledger that records model alterations while safeguarding intellectual property and minimizing unnecessary data sharing.

“While generative AI has justifiably excited organizations for its transformative potential, its practical applications have been severely limited by an inability to monitor and react to the data feeding AI systems. With IBM’s help, we’re committed to delivering a better way to not only understand why AI systems behave the way that they,” Mrinal Manohar, CEO at Casper Labs, said.

The proposed solution will monitor and evaluate serialized data crucial for training AI systems. Furthermore, using blockchain technology promises to protect sensitive data, empowering organizations to dictate data access.

Potential Price Reaction

In the financial context, CSPR’s price dynamics show promising signs.  Following a bullish candlestick formation on January 8, CSPR demonstrated resilience at the critical $0.045 support level.

If the upward trend persists, a 20% surge to $0.06 is foreseeable. 

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Casper (CSPR) Price Performance. Source: TradingView

It is worth noting, however, that regression into the channel might lead to a 23% drop to the $0.04 support trend line.

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