AOFverse Secures Grant Funding from The Arbitrum Foundation

UK Leading mobile gaming studio, AOFverse, creator of Army Tactics and Army of Fortune, has secured a significant grant from The Arbitrum Foundation. This grant opportunity marks a milestone in the gaming industry, as AOFverse and The Arbitrum Foundation join forces to transform mobile gaming through innovative blockchain experiences.

Arbitrum, renowned as the leading Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution for Ethereum, holds the highest Total Value Locked (TVL) across all L2 networks. It boasts approximately $9.93 billion or 50% of its market share. Moreover, Arbitrum has surpassed Ethereum daily transactions on two occasions, positioning itself at the forefront of Ethereum scalability.

Expressing enthusiasm to receive the grant, Komal Amin, CMO of AOFverse, stated, “We’re incredibly proud to be supported by the industry’s leading Ethereum L2 solution. We’re excited to leverage the talent within the Arbitrum ecosystem to continue to innovate and onboard millions of players to the blockchain through AOFverse.”

Amin highlights the unique selling points of AOFverse, emphasizing the seamless integration of Web3 technology with mobile gaming. AOFverse has created an ecosystem that facilitates a smooth transition for Web2 gamers wanting to experience the immersive world of Web3.

Making Waves

AOFverse has already made significant strides in the gaming industry. Their flagship game, Army of Tactics, a tactical auto battler, is now available on both the App Store and Google Play. A growing community of over 4 million followers across two-character accounts on TikTok attests to AOFverse’s widespread popularity.

In addition, the launch of the AFG governance token ($AFG) has fostered a sense of community and empowerment among AFG users. $AFG serves as a multifaceted tool within the AOF ecosystem offering functionalities for the creation of NFTs and giving holders a stake in shaping the game’s trajectory and influencing its economy.

AOFverse tackles industry challenges head-on, focusing on easing the use of Web3 products for players, dispelling misunderstandings about NFTs, and ensuring seamless integration of Web3 tech on mobile devices. The AOF team believes that educating users about the benefits of blockchain technology and its practical applications in gaming is crucial for mass adoption.

Receiving the grant marks a significant step towards realizing its vision of a blockchain-powered metaverse accessible to millions. As they continue to lead the charge in mobile gaming innovation, AOFverse aims to set new standards for player engagement and digital ownership in the evolving landscape of the gaming industry.

About AOFverse

AOFverse is a leading mobile gaming studio that leverages the metaverse to offer high-quality mobile games. With a mission to pioneer the next decade of mobile gaming and metaverse innovation, AOFverse integrates cutting-edge technology to deliver engaging experiences to players worldwide.

About Arbitrum

Arbitrum is a leading force in the realm of Ethereum scalability, offering a sophisticated technology suite designed to enhance the Ethereum experience. Arbitrum’s approach allows users to engage in all Ethereum activities, such as utilizing Web3 applications and deploying smart contracts, with the added benefits of cost-effectiveness and faster transactions.

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