Turkey Nears Final Stage of Crypto Regulation to Ensure Safety and Reduce Risks

Turkey’s finance minister has revealed that the crypto regulation intends to make the industry safer for its citizens and eliminate the risks.

Crypto has been one of the preferred investment vehicles for Turkish citizens as their currency – the Turkish Lira struggles against the USD.

Capital Markets Board (CMB) Will Oversee the Regulation of Crypto Exchanges

Turkey’s Minister of Treasury and Finance Mehmet Şimşek told a local news outlet that they are working on the final stage of the crypto regulation. Turkey’s CMB will regulate and oversee crypto exchanges in a manner akin to its oversight of traditional financial institutions.

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Crypto exchanges must comply with certain minimum operation obligations to get a license from CMB. It includes conditions for:

Founders and managers

Organizational obligations

Capital requirements

IT infrastructure obligations

“Our main goal with crypto asset regulation is to make this area safer and to eliminate the risks that may arise. Our approach is not restrictive, but based on eliminating uncertainties and controlling possible risks. At the same time, we aim to pave the way for the development of blockchain technology and the crypto asset ecosystem,” Şimşek explained.

The screenshot below shows that the crypto penetration in Turkey rapidly increased in 2020. In 2023, the penetration of crypto users stood at 12.33%, with forecasts indicating a projected increase to 17.30% by 2028.

Hence, with the growing popularity of the asset class, crypto regulation is indeed the need of the hour.

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Crypto Users Penetration Rate in Turkey. Source: Statista

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