Artificial Intelligence Tops Crypto Narratives in 2023 as AI Tokens Explode

Artificial intelligence was the leading crypto narrative for the year, according to recent research from industry metrics outlet CoinGecko. Moreover, Web3 gaming was also a popular narrative for 2023. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) was by far the most popular crypto narrative in 2023. It accounted for 11.3% of total crypto narratives interest, according to a December 28 report. 

Artificial Intelligence Interest Peaks

The launch of artificial intelligence chatbots such as ChatGPT in November 2022 has spurred interest, which has surged in 2023. 

“This interest has spilled over into the crypto space, bringing attention to AI-related cryptocurrencies.”

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CoinGecko noted that Akash Network (AKT) gained the most among AI tokens, surging 1,247% from January to its 2023 peak of $2.56 on December 22.

Moreover, the biggest AI token by market cap, Render (RNDR), was not far behind with a price climb of 12 times this year.

Other top-performing artificial intelligence tokens include Bittensor (TAO) surging 276% in 2023. (FET) has also done well, pumping 660% this year, while SingularityNET (AGIX) made 625%.

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The growth of AI tokens reflects the momentum AI technologies have gained in 2022 and 2023 and the excitement around their potential applications in crypto.

As advancements in AI continue, this narrative is likely to remain popular in the crypto space going into 2024, it noted. This will drive further interest and development of AI-focused cryptocurrencies and applications.

Additionally, GameFi followed close behind AI as the second most popular crypto narrative, accounting for 10.5% of interest in 2023. 

It reported that the GameFi token with the biggest gain since January 2023 is ImmutableX (IMX). Its price surged up to 7 times at its yearly high. Furthermore, the blockchain powering Axie Infinity, Ronin, comes close with price returns of up to 6 times its January 1 price.

Meme coins ranked as the third most popular crypto narrative in 2023, accounting for 8.3% of crypto narratives interest, reported CoinGecko. 

Latest AI News

The New York Times is suing OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright over the unauthorized use of millions of articles to train its AI systems.

Industry analyst Rowan Cheung commented,

“If the NYT wins, it could cause tech giants to strike content deals and slow AI — a major blow to the future of ChatGPT.”

LG recently announced a new AI-powered robot assistant referred to as the ‘smart home AI agent.’

The device has autonomous mobility to help manage smart homes. Additionally, it can recognize humans, pets, and house objects and gather data like temperature and air quality.

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