AI Token Internet Computer (ICP) Cracks CMC Top 20; Is $7 Million Phenomenon Next?

It’s a tremendous achievement that the Internet Computer native token ICP has forged itself in, making its way into CoinMarketCap’s top 20 largest altcoins. With that kind of momentum, everyone is currently asking themselves whether InQubeta (QUBE), the $7 million phenomenon will be the next to shine.

Internet Computer: Decentralizing the Web

Internet Computer (ICP) is designed as a decentralized web platform and aims to build a secure, trustless yet quick network that could be available for public use. Although the ICP is used as network operations currency, development fees for programmers and governance tools at the protocol level to maintain stability in the network.

The Internet Computer (ICP) uses a Proof-of-Useful Work network with subnet blockchains that improve capacity for smart contracts, equation solving, and data. Unusual advantages such as HTTP outcalls secure data collection provide for various unique capabilities of the platform. 

A master subnet with a permissionless DAO called the NNS (Neuron Nervous System) governs the network. This decentralized approach serves users, conforming to the ideals of a trust-less Internet environment.

ICP currently ranks No. 20 in terms of market value. At $9.26, ICP is up over 55% in the last 7 days and over 103% in the last month. This optimism is connected to ICP’s recent launching of its GDPR-compliant subnet, which places greater emphasis on privacy-aware digital methods.

This comes at a time when various analysts explain that a confluence of factors and trends could allow Bitcoin (BTC), the leading cryptocurrency to soar as high as $160,000. According to the analysis of on-chain data firm CryptoQuant, the reason for this short-term price leap may be due in part to the anticipation of demand from the Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) products, an upcoming Bitcoin halving, and changes in interest rates. 

InQubeta (QUBE): Bridging AI and Crypto Investment

In this world of crossover between AI and cryptocurrencies, InQubeta becomes an innovative platform that enables keen users to contribute toward the future development of these technologies with QUBE. 

As a crowdfunding platform, InQubeta serves as an investment channel for start-ups involved in the second wave of technological innovation- AI.

QUBE tokens are deflationary- a 2 % tax on buys and sells is sent to a burning wallet, pushing the price higher over time. A 5 % sell tax reward pool is reserved exclusively for stakers, allowing investors to earn rewards.

InQubeta has taken to listing investment opportunities as NFTs available to QUBE token holders. 

This investment fractionalization system makes participation easy for everyone, especially investors without large amounts of capital to risk.

By supporting the sales tax, staking QUBE tokens helps investors receive rewards. Thus there is a wonderful scenario where supporters can both benefit and contribute to helping AI startups grow.

QUBE is not only an investment vehicle. It’s also a governance token. Implementing token holders into the decision-making process encourages a democratic and community-driven ecosystem. Transparency, security, and inclusivity are qualities InQubeta emphasizes in pursuit of its goal to redefine AI-tech investment.

With ICP rising to conquer higher market tiers and InQubeta’s presale exceeding $ 7.4 million, a significant effect that comes only once in a blue moon in the cryptocurrency market. 

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