Scared How Smart AI Is Getting? This New Trading Bot Is Why You Should Be

The breakneck speed at which artificial intelligence (AI) has been developing in the last couple of years is nothing less than revolutionary. Generative AI models like ChatGPT have entered millions of workplaces and households, proving just how useful and varied applications of AI technology can be and how adept algorithms have become at mimicking human intelligence. 

While impressive, the rapid pace of AI evolution is contributing to a general sense of unease. Thought leaders like Bill Gates, Elon Musk and the late Stephen Hawking among others, voiced their concerns. Meanwhile, countless media articles and reports have raised the question of whether we are opening a ‘Pandora’s box’ and whether the machines’ development will be beyond our control once deep learning neural networks evolve beyond human intelligence. 

While such rapid progress can be scary, machine learning algorithms are presenting exciting new outlets for creativity, as well as providing more efficient processes and cost saving measures that are helping drive game-changing developments in medicine, travel, agriculture, and other industries, with amazing potential to improve the lives of billions of people all over the globe.

One groundbreaking new machine learning algorithm showcasing AI’s potential to open doors and change lives is, an AI-based trading bot with institutional-grade deep learning capabilities.

Why AlgosOne Represents a Scary,  Brave New World 

For those who want to hit the breaks and slow the progress of AI, AlgosOne represents the bleeding edge of AI innovation, as it combines the latest developments in the rapidly evolving world of crypto with next-generation deep learning, large language models.

With the arrival of Bitcoin and blockchain, a financial revolution occurred that enabled anyone to invest without costly reliance on big banks and brokers. However, it remains a complex, fast paced market that requires a great deal of technical know-how.

This is where AlgosOne, the AI-based crypto trading bot, comes in. Designed using state-of-the-art machine learning, AlgosOne automates every aspect of trading, so anyone can profit from the crypto markets with ease. There are no wallets, private keys, exchanges, or spreads to consider and no risk management or strategy creation required. 

Built by a veteran team of AI experts, quantitative analysts, and finance professionals, AlgosOne can operate completely independently. It crunches immense volumes of real-time market data, analyzing a vast range of sources from  technical indicators, price history, and  on-chain data, to global news, and more to anticipate price movements across cryptocurrency markets with unparalleled accuracy. 

The AI does it all, automatically deciding the direction, entry and exit points for trades, setting stop losses, and position sizes. The user just needs to register, fund their account and for some trades, click the APPROVE button in a message sent to their phone. Algosone handles the rest – no market knowledge needed.

Depending on your perspective, the most terrifying or exciting aspect of this new AI trader is that Algosone integrates its own proprietary deep learning algorithms with natural language processing (NLP) models (the same technologies powering tools like ChatGP) to tread new ground.

AlgosOne has an unmatched ability to parse incredibly large volumes of highly complex information to achieve its current trade win rate, which stands at over 80%. Most importantly, it is learning from every interaction and input. With each new trade, user and dataset it keeps improving and enhancing performance. 

Results Matter, So Does Reliability

Without a doubt, a human could never come close to the exceptional consistency and accuracy achieved by the AI trader. Placing user balances on growth autopilot, the machine learning engine takes on the task of researching, analyzing and monitoring the markets, as well as tracking and executing trades across multiple markets from crypto, forex and indices to stocks, commodities and bonds.

Since it learns as it goes, it is becoming increasingly risk aware and the AI trading solution is making ever-more precise market predictions. 

While the company has established AlgosOne’s ability to deliver results, another important factor is its reliability. AlgosOne is a licensed and authorized financial services provider that adheres to strict regulatory requirements, from robust encryption, and separation of user and company funds to Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-money laundering measures as well as the establishment of a reserve fund.

The AlgosOne Reserve Fund provides coverage for user balances in the case of a failure of the technology, the company, or the global markets.

In addition, AlgosOne implements risk management safeguards that it constantly adjusts based on fresh data. The AI implements stops and limits on all trades, capping position sizes relative to account balances, and hedging.

Moreover, while the AI is fully automated, the AlgosOne development team has instituted human infrastructure and market monitoring. Expert technological and risk management teams  work in shifts, 24/7 to provide oversight, a human guardrail protecting against an unexpected glitch, or market upheaval. 

Making Sure the Future of AI Belongs to Everyone

True equality depends on fair and equal access to opportunities and in the world of trading there has always been a huge gap between those with large sums that can invest in major hedge funds and investment firms and everyone else hoping to secure their financial future.

Up to now, AI trading has generally referred to exclusive, cutting edge systems that could only be afforded by institutional investors, or do-it-yourself AI-based platforms.

These offer traders the opportunity to trade with small sums at their convenience. However here too there have been barriers to entry, as they either require users to code their own strategies or if they don’t require programming the trader still needs to be able to build and backtest their own strategies using available technical analysis and risk management tools.  

However, now with AlgosOne, no programming  experience or trading know-how is required. Characterized by the simplicity of the user-experience, AlgosOne manages every aspect of profit generation and risk management, opening AI-powered trading with institutional caliber tools to everyone. 

Another way in which AlgosOne is kicking down barriers is with the fact that there are no fees for joining, and there are no deposit or transaction fees, so nothing is eating away at the user’s core capital. The only fee is a commission that is not charged on losing trades, just on wins.

Half the money paid in commissions goes to platform operations, and half goes to funding the reserve fund, which pays compensation on failed trades and provides user balance coverage.

The amount that a user deposits will determine their trading tier. The higher the tier, the more and larger the trades being performed on their behalf. They will also pay lower commissions on winning trades and receive higher compensation on losing trades 

Transparency is key  and users can see the profit percentage range for every trading tier in the tiers table. In addition, the intuitive dashboard lets users track trading performance, monitor balances, see the current balance of the reserve fund, and withdraw profits with just a couple of clicks.

A Less Risky Financial Future 

Rather than scare those in the financial industry, AlgosOne should reassure. It can bring increasing accuracy and precise risk management, and with its machine learning capabilities it is only getting better.

It is no surprise that in 2022 alone, AI Investment exceeded $93 billion and this year is expected to easily surpass these numbers. Just as artificial intelligence solves immense challenges in areas like healthcare, education, sustainability, and more.

AlgosOne is a great showcase for the unlimited potential of AI and its ability to broaden access to sophisticated investment tools and take financial power and self-determination out of the  few and place it in the hands of the many. 

The pace of AI’s  progress is understandably scary to many, but AlgosOne  proves that an AI-powered future represents the opportunity for a financial future with lower risk and greater potential profits for all market participants. To try it out for free simply sign up here

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