XIV Digital Dimensions by BeInCrypto: A Grand Relaunch

BeInCrypto is thrilled to announce the grand comeback of its NFT Collection “XIV Digital Dimensions” – a fusion of artistic brilliance and blockchain’s cutting-edge technology. This relaunch isn’t just a nod to the world of art; it symbolizes our unyielding drive to be at the forefront of the digital revolution.

In tune with our community’s valuable feedback about Ethereum’s high gas fees and their impact on accessibility, we’ve reenvisioned XIV Digital Dimensions. It’s not just an upgrade but a response to your voices, ensuring that the collection is now more accessible and inclusive. We’re committed to making sure this digital art experience is within reach for everyone, everywhere, echoing our community-first approach.

Get ready for an exciting journey as we unveil XIV Digital Dimensions! Mark your calendars for the public free mint on December 20th at 1:00 PM UTC on NiftyKit.

Unveiling XIV Digital Dimensions by BeInCrypto

We have re-engineered XIV Digital Dimensions to overcome Ethereum’s gas fee barriers, adopting Arbitrum for our collection. This transition isn’t merely a technical upgrade; it’s a vibrant reimagination brought to life. By migrating to Arbitrum, we’ve made the collection more accessible and inclusive, overcoming previous barriers. This strategic move marks a significant stride for BeInCrypto, demonstrating our commitment to blending art with technology and making digital art ownership accessible in a truly decentralized world.

Find out how to mint your NFTs on Arbitrum.

Meet the artists

XIV Digital Dimensions is a global mosaic of creativity, featuring 14 distinctive artworks from international artists, each reflecting the diversity of BeInCrypto’s community. These artists, hailing from various corners of the world, lend their unique visions to the collection:

Global: Aimi Sekiguchi | Brazil: Atlan Coelho | Poland: Konrad Kirpluk | Thailand: Kolahon | Korea: Fried Friday | France: Lapin Mignon | Germany: BuzzLightning | Arabic: Smashed Pasta | Spain: Bit Errror | Japan: Saeko EharaRussia: Napasio

Digital nomads: Anastasia Gnetova, Darya Kotava, Varvara Markina, Kseniia Eshchenko, Andre Korshak, and Anastasia Seregina.

In the XIV Digital Dimensions collection, individually crafted, each piece is a testament to creativity, collectively forming a vibrant representation of BeInCrypto’s diverse domains. Spanning across various cultures and geographies, these artists embody the global reach and inclusive spirit of BeInCrypto.

The diverse backgrounds of these artists, ranging from European creativity to Arabic and Asian artistic flair, mirror BeInCrypto’s commitment to embracing and celebrating diversity. This collection is more than just a display of art; it’s a colorful tapestry of global perspectives and cultural narratives, each contributing to the rich, multifaceted story of BeInCrypto.

The key players in the relaunch

Now, let’s hear directly from representatives at NiftyKit and Arbitrum about their enthusiasm for this collaborative venture.

NiftyKit: Teaming up with NiftyKit, a pioneer with over 5,000 projects and 4.8 million+ NFTs, enhances the NFT experience, ensuring seamless minting and management of digital collectibles.

“NiftyKit is proud to partner with BeInCrypto on the XIV Digital Dimensions collection, celebrating global creativity and diversity. We’re delighted to provide an easy-to-use platform, empowering creators to seamlessly share their unique narratives through NFTs. This collaboration goes beyond the realm of NFTs; it’s a dedicated effort to advance digital arts, champion diversity and inclusion, and foster community engagement.”

– Donglee Han, Head of Partnerships at NiftyKit

Arbitrum: Choosing Arbitrum, celebrated for speed and efficiency, ensures a seamless transition for the collection, combining Ethereum’s security with the agility demanded in today’s digital art realm.

“XIV Digital Dimensions represents an exciting use case for NFT utility in community engagement. We’re happy to be selected as the adopted blockchain for the collection, ensuring low gas fees and high speed for its community.”

– Nina Rong, Head of Ecosystem Development at Arbitrum Foundation

Seamless migration

Why NiftyKit? At the heart of our collaboration with NiftyKit lies a shared vision of providing a seamless minting experience for BeInCrypto’s community. NiftyKit emerged as the perfect partner, offering user-friendly features like the NiftyKit API, eliminating the need for developer intervention. The platform’s innovative tools, such as the admin section for thorough pre-launch checks, played a key role in simplifying the entire process and ensuring a smooth launch for our NFT collection.

Why Arbitrum? Lower gas fees and increased accessibility make Arbitrum our platform of choice, aligning perfectly with our vision for a cost-efficient and enjoyable art-collecting experience.

Simplifying the process: We’re committed to ensuring a hassle-free migration for collectors, so everyone can continue enjoying their digital art with ease.

Commitment to experience: Our prime goal is to deliver a collecting experience that’s both enjoyable and affordable, opening the doors to digital art ownership for everyone.

Exclusive utilities for early supporters

Expressing gratitude to our day-one supporters who minted the NFTs on Ethereum, we offer these exclusive utilities starting from 02.01.2024:

Access to the premium BeInCrypto Trading Channel on Telegram: An invaluable resource for staying informed about the latest trends and insights in the cryptocurrency market.

Discounts on Live EventsFree CV Review: A special service aimed at boosting careers in the Web3 space, perfect for those looking to make their mark in this innovative industry.

Free CV Review: BeInCrypto’s Free CV Review program is aimed at boosting careers in the Web3 space, perfect for those looking to make their mark in this innovative industry.

Special utility for Arbitrum minters

Minters on Arbitrum will enjoy exclusive discounts on live events, adding another layer of value to their support and participation in the XIV Digital Dimensions by BeInCrypto relaunch.

Join the journey

The XIV Digital Dimensions by BeInCrypto story is a testament to BeInCrypto’s dedication to innovation and our vibrant community. We invite you to explore our refreshed NFT collection and join us in celebrating this new chapter of digital art, technological progress, and our collective journey in the dynamic world of digital currencies and blockchain technology. Explore the XIV Digital Dimensions NFT collection on NiftyKit on Dec. 20th at 1 PM UTC!

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